Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paris in Pictures

Well it's Saturday night and can I just say, it's FABULOUS having weekends off! Like real jobs! No more aching feet after a 13-hour shift! Anyway, haven't done much today except mundane cleaning, grocery shopping and watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy..from 3 years ago. Ha!

Here's some photos of the last few weeks:

I got into Paris on the same day of J's birthday party

The next weekend, I took the kids out to the 'burbs where their grandparents went and we went on a walk in the local park

This park was designed by the same person that designed Versailles

I just had to take a picture of my fab parking job because LISTEN! Driving in Paris is hard enough, but parking, PARKING! is the hardest thing about the whole process! Sure, the pedestrians that walk everywhere and ignore the red lights (I do it too), the cars that cut you off, the motos that weave in and out, the one-way streets, the stop lights every 5 feet--with a stick shift, mind you--all that is ridiculously nerve wracking! But when you're all done with driving (in my case, a sweaty, hot, very tired mess from moving all my stuff into my flat), thanking the gods above that you didn't kill anyone, the biggest hurdle is trying to fit a car not much bigger than a Geo Metro into a parking spot that leaves inches, yes INCHES on each side of the car! And did I mention that the entire area is hardly even big enough to do a 3-point turn in? This feat took me no less than 10 minutes. So I had to take a picture. Just for the record, I'M DONE DRIVING IN PARIS!!
***annnnnd all the rest of my images were just DELETED!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I HATE COMPUTERS!!!****
well, anyway, it's not the end of the world...
here's some pics of my studio:
Lots of storage for my nasty little book-buying habit

My little desk area where I spend an unspecified amount of time

Everything a post-college student needs: microwave, tea kettle, the world's smallest washing machine (no it's not a dishwasher, I WISH! Most French dry clothes on a drying rack that I conveniently moved around while taking the pictures)

Proper bathroom unlike last studio I had

Happiness in my bathroom!

This is a bad picture, but you see the light in the sky? That's the Eiffel Tower lights. Once winter hits (not looking forward to the cold btw), it'll be beautiful!

Well anyway, I've got some lesson plans to draw up because I actually start teaching on Monday! I know that after a week or two, I won't be stressing about it at all, but at this moment, I'm a little worried because I've never taught before! To add to that, my computer is broken so I'm really bummed about that (using borrowed laptop from family for a few days) because I actually do need one to work up documents for school and such..of course it happens right now! Once I get paid (finally got a French bank account), hopefully some of my troubles will be over! In the meantime, if anyone wants to buy me a laptop haha..

Bon weekend à tous et à toutes!

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