Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Juste un petit mot

"Just a little word" as the French like to say..

My schedule is actually really nice this semester. I got out of taking English (yay!) and therefore have every Thursday and Friday off! Not bad. I might be getting into a Spanish or German class, which of course I'd take with open arms. I'd love to take both, but I gotta limit my crazy. Did I mention I'm applying to l'École Supérieure d'Interprètes et de traducteurs (ESIT)? 'Cos I am. It's an interpretation/translation school officially affiliated with my university, but on the campus of another Parisian university. Confusing, and I don't know why they play musical chairs with different departments but it happens a lot. Another entry sometime in the future, I will try to explain the Université de Paris system as best I know! Anyway, I'm applying to ESIT, which really just means taking an entrance exam in May. The process, as far as I can see, is less complicated than last year's for my current program, but the test is intense and requires a good amount of studying. I went to the university today to get the former tests that they sell for 15€. Guess it's good that I have a little extra time this semester, but I should most definitely be working on that 40-50 page mémoire due in May..what can I say, I'm easily distracted when it comes to practicing languages vs. communication theory!

I was in a really super mood today. Had a journalism class I enjoyed in the AM, walked home slowly in the spring-like weather, enjoyed a really delicious sandwich..it's the little things! Then I went to the uni to get the tests, and came back to the Latin Quarter, to one of my favorite places in all of Paris.

My favorite language bookstore. I told myself walking in I wouldn't buy anything..maybe next time this will work.

The lovely Seine. Taken in late afternoon so it looks a little glum, but it was a beautiful day compared to the recent rainy weather we've had.

I really do love living here. Here's to a great mid-week!

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